Advantage of our platform

A Brand Company set out to create a comprehensive organizational platform that is adaptive, intuitive, and scalable to both sales organizations and individual sales executives. To achieve this, we seek assets that are structured to provide functional, autonomous support while possessing the corporate dexterity to assimilate to other complementary assets.

We pursue resources that can strengthen our current offerings and create a distinct, separate value for our brands’ clients.

Variable Cost Structure

Our corporate entities are protected against the volatility of the market by our variable cost structure model. When organizations join A Brand Company, they shed their overhead administrative costs and swap their back-end for our professional infrastructure. This is an important step in limiting their exposure, as administrative costs can drag down even the healthiest of balance sheets. Unencumbered by bloated fixed costs, these companies can begin to inject predictability, stability, and confidence into their bottom line.

A Brand Company takes financial pressure off companies by using a fee structure that is based on a percentage of monthly billing instead of a high reoccurring cost. Our approach aligns business costs with the ebb and flow of a natural business cycle, which means that service levels, resources, and infrastructure will remain regardless of lulls in financial performance. Conversely, as business opportunities start to arise, our companies can quickly scale up in areas of marketing, purchasing, technology, and administrative manpower.

Value Proposition

A Brand Company supports over 120 sales professionals across its three operating companies. These individuals trust us to provide bulletproof back-end support, utilitarian resources, and unwavering leadership. As stakeholders of these organizations, our goal is to surpass those sales executives’ expectations. With that, we put a lot of consideration into our support structure. Part of that support involves providing our sales teams with immediate access to our professional support teams. The diagram below describes the support teams that would directly assist a sales executives on a day-to-day basis. These individuals have decades of combined experience and provide first-rate solutions for clients large and small.

In addition to using our support structure, we encourage our sales members to cross-sell all A Brand Company brands. Our family of companies offer their own unique subset of products, services and/or competencies, and we have infrastructure in place to make solutions pivots seamless. If, for instance, a client needs consulting for an awards and recognition program, we can connect that sales rep with a subject matter expert (SME) from that respective operating company. SMEs can step in to assist with presentations, virtual demos, and/or conference calls, to lend credibility to a sales pitch. To be able to strategically cross-sell partner organizations makes reps more attractive to clients looking to manage multiple solutions from a single source. Most importantly, sales executives are paid commission on sales regardless of what company executes the order.