Inova Health System

BrandAlliance was contracted to refine, develop, centralize, and standardize a portfolio of employee recognition programs to be used across five acute care hospitals, ambulatory centers, physician practices, and within hospital administration.

Strategy and Execution
In partnership with Inova leaders and employee representatives from each of the hospitals and business units (OU), BrandAlliance helped to develop a portfolio of strategic, well-balanced recognition and incentive programs that is aligned with corporate goals, designed to reward specific behaviors that drive measured performance, and most importantly, remains flexible enough to be relevant to all employees.

BrandAlliance has created a go-to site that houses Inova’s portfolio of programs with mobile access portals for each of the hospitals and business units. Award criteria and eligibility is transparent for all to see and participation is easy and quick. Programs include instantaneous eCards, more formal adjudicated awards, quality and safety, service anniversaries, and points-based programs. Award selections are decided in partnership with Inova and range from plaques to iPads, depending on the award, and accessed through BrandAlliance’s catalog. From a central landing page that promotes Inova’s cultural initiatives, single sign-on access allows each OU to customize KPIs, highlighting specific actions and behaviors that will receive recognition. As recognition events occur, BrandAlliance triggers notifications to managers as well as production and delivery of awards. Enterprise-level reports provide a history of all recognitions, the impact of recognition on KPIs, and financial information.

Since 2009, over 55,000 recognition events have been recorded within the BrandAlliance system. This data has been analyzed by BrandAlliance and our research partner, Virginia Tech, to show a statistically positive correlation between patient satisfaction and recognition. From our research, Inova now knows how many recognition events have to take place each month to positively impact patient satisfaction scores. What does this mean? Empirical evidence – validated by an academic neutral third party – that strategic recognition works!

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