A Brand Company is a business management organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It serves as the parent company to BrandAlliance and Grapevine Designs. These organizations account for over $80MM in annual sales and are represented by more than 250 employees across North America.

A Brand Company was founded in 2011 as a response to a growing mergers and acquisition movement that has since dominated the promotional marketing industry. This trend was borne out of the need for distributors to have greater access to manpower, resources, expertise and/or capital in order to handle the new competitive landscape. For them, addressing those pain points typically took a backseat to vital day-to-day operations. So, the need to team up with larger, more established promotional organizations and/or gain immediate access to resources has been essential.

Already the effects of recent mergers/acquisitions and internal advancements are taking shape. For instance, from 2009 to 2013 the top 40 promotional distributors have increased their overall industry revenue by almost 27%. They are winning the resource battle, and naturally those with the means will continue to flourish. The market is tightening and it’s going to put a lot of pressure on smaller and mid-sized distributorships. As a matter of course, smarter, larger distributors are starting to join forces and picking up smaller, determined distributors along the way. Soon the gap between the haves and have-nots will be stark.

As an ASI Top 20 company, we understand innovation, creativity, and governance are key to combating commoditization, improving outcomes, and driving profits. The A Brand Company business model allows our family of companies to focus more on these key attributes and less on business logistics. This approach provides a solid foundation of stability, leadership, and oversight, which improves the value for our clients, associates and stakeholders.

Growth strategy

We’re proven consolidators. We’ve merged, integrated, and scaled at a rapid rate and have gained the hands-on experience necessary to continue to build upon that success. We are committed to bringing together strategic pieces of business and consolidating resources that affect positive change in our sales channels (custom, field, enterprise, incentive).

We have a vision for a platform that integrates traditional distributors, reward and recognition agencies, M/WBE organizations, and e-commerce direct marketing companies all under one banner. The goal behind assembling this platform is to create a multi-tiered solution that spreads across multiple business segments impacting related industries and industry segments alike.

A Brand Company has a measured development strategy that focuses on a comprehensive approach to evaluating future mergers and acquisitions for our platform.
Our present approach is two-pronged:
  • We are careful to understand how the potential acquisition complements our current brands and overall go-to-market strategy. Our greatest strength is providing clients with a platform of primary and secondary solutions that organically combine to create a varied, scalable product which can be customized to fit individual client needs.
  • We strive to forecast trends and outcomes for our industry, our clients’ industries, and for those of emerging markets. This is an essential practice, as we want to anticipate future momentum and create proactive solutions well ahead of our competition.


A Brand Company’s growth is driven by a combination of acquisitions, betas, mergers, and/or strategic alliances with traditional, non-traditional and logistical affiliates.

Our goal is to provide a portfolio of core promotional organizations working in concert with unique, niche agencies that together create real-world solutions that are attractive to global businesses and growing businesses alike.